Special package, Komodo tour package start from Bali. People on vacation in Bali can take package tour to Komodo island include Flight ticket go and back to Komodo airport Labuan Bajo, hotel transfers, Private boat charter on komodo tour (Live on Boat), English speaking guide.

The direct flight from Bali takes you to Labuan Bajo airport on Flores Island. It embraces you with its unique nature, friendly locals and amazing view on the lagoon with a lot of boats and yachts there. Visit Most Popular Destinations such like Padar island sunrise trekking, Rinca island as Komodo National park, Pink beach, Manta point, Kalong island sunset point and see Flying foxes. Activities : Trekking, snorkeling see underwaters beauty of Komodo island, eating, relaxing and see Komodo Dragons in their pure nature.