Best Place to visit in Komodo National Park

For your best travel experience in Komodo, the following are some of the recommended places to visit during Live Board Tour Komodo island:

Manjarite beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Komodo National Park. This is a perfect spot to enjoy snorkeling with colorful fish and amazing coral gardens. In this place, you can also take pictures on the jetty.

Rinca Island is an island where you can find Komodo Dragons. Besides that, you will also enjoy spectacular views of the island. There are over 2000 Komodo Dragons found on the island.
Kalong Island is a mangrove island. You will enjoy the sunset while watching the bats flying over the island in the afternoon.
Komodo Island is the place where you will find Komodo Dragons. Besides Komodo Dragons, you will also find other wildlife such as birds and deers.

Pink Sand Beach is located on Komodo Island. It is a perfect beach for relaxation and snorkeling. You can also hike to the small hill on the side of the beach for great views.
Padar Island
offer a spetacular views. It is an iconic island in Komodo National Park. You will hike for 30 minutes to the top to find amazing views. Padar Island also has some beautiful white sandy beaches surrounding it.

Manta Point is a place where you will find Manta Rays. You will snorkeling in this place. Besides that, you will also enjoy a beach walk at Taka Makasar, the same area as Manta Point.

Gili Lawa is an island where you can enjoy the sunset. You will hike for a spectacular sunset while enjoying the sea views.

Kelor Island is an island where you can enjoy the sunrise. This island also offers an amazing underwater life. You can be snorkeling here, however, most travelers enjoy hiking on this island.